Our cricket club has been thinking about getting some hats but we are in Toronto. Do you supply hats to Canada?

Baggy Caps has supplied and sent cricket headwear to all parts of the world. Through our global international couriers we can send hats anywhere in the world in only 3 to 4 days.

Can we track our order online after it is dispatched? 

In conjunction with couriers Baggy Caps has an Online Tracking facility which means that you can track your order in real time from the moment it leaves our factory. This is proving a popular service with our customers who like to keep an eye out for their order whilst they are on the internet. Please click here to see our Online Tracking Facilities. 

How much will the courier delivery cost to get our 20 baggy caps?

This is a question often asked so we have actually set up a special page to show how much the shipping is to all parts of Australia and the world. Click here to read more or see the information below. With the incredibly high cost of fuel these days Baggy Caps actually subsidises the cost of all our shipments. All deliveries are completely secure and require a signature on delivery.

Australia Wide Overnight Courier Delivery

Up to 30 hats Only $18
31 to 50 hats Only $26
51 to 100 hats Only $38
Over 100 hats Contact us

World Wide Courier Delivery (3 to 4 days)

Up to 30 hats Only Aud $95
31 to 50 hats Only Aud $120
51 to 100 hats Only Aud $150
Over 100 hats Contact us

I see that you have a minimum order of 20 caps for all your hats and caps with embroidery. Our club only needs 12 caps. Can we place an order with you for 12 caps?

Baggy Caps has a minimum order of 20 for all caps/hats that require embroidery. This can be any combination of caps and hats as long as the total order is 20 or more. We are one of the few companies around who do not charge a digitising embroidery disk fee for our orders. This is a cost we absorb so as to increase the value of our product range to our customers. For this reason we simply cannot supply embroidered hats and caps below our minimum order level of 20. If your club requires less then 20 caps then you may of course buy the hats or caps without your club logo on them. Once you get the hats or caps from us then you can simply go and get your club logo embroidered locally.

I would just like to purchase one melton wool baggy cap. Can I order this from Baggy Caps?

As outlined on our website we have a minimum order spend of $100 excluding courier charges. This is designed more for our customers in mind then us in fact. All of our orders are delivered by courier for absolute and total delivery security. If someone wanted to order just one cap then it would become a very pricey cap with the actual cost of one cap plus the courier charges for delivery.

I am desperately after the Australian Baggy Green Cap - could you please supply me with one?

Please note we do not supply the Baggy Green cricket cap as worn by the Australian cricket team. We are often asked about this cap and we definitely do not supply this particular baggy cap as a fixed rule. In this ever increasing world we could sell heaps of these caps but we are quite respectful of the image and aura regarding the famous "baggy green". We agree that it should remain domain of the Australian Test team so that it may continue to hold a special appeal in perpetuity.

There is no shortage of companies that try to replicate and sell the famous baggy green cap with the Australian Test team logo but we are as outlined not one of those.

It is our very name and operation to supply the bulk orders of the traditional melton wool baggy cricket caps to clubs all over the world however we have never and will never supply individual collectors or memorabilia chasers with an individual replica of the Australian Test team Baggy green cap.

Do you do the alternate panel caps? Our club colours are navy and sky blue and we would like both the baggy caps and your club cap to be in these alternate colours.

Yes we certainly do supply clubs all over the world with our alternate panel and custom baggy caps. Given the endless colour combinations though these are of course a special order item from our factory and we require 3 to 4 weeks to supply these. There is also a minimum order of 30 caps for all alternate panel orders. Baggy Caps is proud of our expertise in making fully customized superb quality baggy caps at the worlds best prices. Please contact us for more on this.

We have sent you a photo of our previous club cap which shows our club logo. Can you use this photo for our logo image?

Baggy Caps receives logos for customers every day from all over the globe but we cant use a photograph for this. We actually do require a simple good quality jpeg or gif image of your logo for our embroidery disk to reproduce a high quality embroidery for you. Getting a quality logo for your club is a simple task for any club member who has good skills with a basic computer artwork.

Can Baggy Caps design or alter our club logo for us?

To ensure all of our customers end up with the exact logo they want for their club Baggy Caps does not design or alter club logos. We are very keen to ensure that the logo your club goes with is designed exactly the way that your club wants it. Once we get your final logo design by email in a simple good quality jpeg or gif format we will then ensure the highest quality embroidery for your order.

Does Baggy Caps offer a discount for bulk orders?

Most certainly - please see below:



Price Discount


1 to 40

41 to 60

61 to 100

101 to 150

Over 150

Pricing as shown on website

10% off pricing

15% off pricing

20% off pricing

25% off pricing


Please note that we apply this discount pricing to the total number of your clubs order so that it may be applied to a number of cap or hat styles. Your club might order 40 baggy caps and 40 floppy white hats - this is a total hat order of 80 which means a total discount of 15%.