The Australian 'Baggy Green' Cap

Baggy Caps is a proudly 100% Australian owned and operated specialist cricketing headwear business. Whilst we sell and supply large quantities of baggy caps and cricket headwear all over the world, our base of operations has always been and will always be in Australia.

As a big rule however, please note that we do not commercially sell or offer the Australian Baggy Green cricket cap as worn by the Australian Test cricket team.

We receive hundreds of emails every year asking if we could sell the Australian Test Team Baggy Green cap with the Australian Coat of Arms but this is something that we would just never do.

Over the past 15 years we could have sold 1000s of this particular Baggy Green cap but we are quite respectful of the image and aura regarding the famous "Aussie Test teams baggy green". We agree that it should remain the domain of the Australian Test team so that it may continue to hold a special appeal in perpetuity.

There are no shortage of companies that try to replicate and sell the famous Australian Test Team baggy green cap but we are not one of those.

The Australian Baggy Green Cap as originally designed by Alec Cohen and Frank Sinclair over 75 years ago is sacrosanct having been worn by such cricketing greats and legends as Sir Donald Bradman, Dennis Keith Lillee, Adam Gilchrist and Shane Warne.

Baggy Caps is proud to be the worlds largest and Number One online supplier of cricketing headwear and “baggy cricket caps” and is even prouder to respect the aura and legend of the “Australia Test teams Baggy Green”.